Wiper Blades

With typical wiper blade usage, frequently evaluate the blades, replacing them at least yearly or on an as needed basis.

What they do: Windshield wipers are vital for maintaining visibility and protection in rough weather. Inclement weather conditions like rain, sleet or snow could considerably decrease both visibility and the traction of your tires. Having a clear windshield is essential for visibility during tough driving conditions which allows you, the driver, to drive safely, react rapidly, and handle any driving complications.

Windshield Wiper Blades in

Replacing your windshield wipers just takes a couple of minutes and is a cost effective solution to a possibly hazardous scenario. Wiper fluid should be checked and filled on a frequent basis to prevent any issues.

IMPORTANT: Never utilize your windshield wipers on an icy windshield! This may ruin your wiper blades by scraping the blades on the ice. Blemishes in the blades will cause a streaky, patchy swipe throughout your windshield while being used, which can limit visibility.

If you see any of the following indications, you could need new wiper blades or a refill of your windshield washer fluid:

  • Streaky deposit throughout your windshield
  • Skidding or scraping noises while wiper blades are being used
  • Low fluid light is on
  • An unsteady flow of washer fluid

When to replace blades:

  • Yearly or bi-annually
  • When they begin to show indicators of wear

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