Tire Repair

It happens to the best of us. You are driving home, and you suddenly get a flat. There are many hazards that can make tires less effective. Sharp stones, nails, or other pointed pieces of debris can puncture a tire. If your tire is flat, punctured, or loses pressure, it is dangerous to use.

Professional Flat Tire Repair by Northside Tire

If you are experiencing any tire problems, our experienced technicians at Northside Tire can inspect your tire by checking your tire pressure, tire tread depth, tread wear, and balance of your tires, as well as checking for any tire punctures that could cause a flat. We will work to restore your tire to make sure it is in accordance with industry standards.

We Offer Tire Repair Services Including:

  • Flat tire repair
  • Tire rotation
  • Tire mounting
  • Tire balancing

Importance of Tire Repair Service

Tire repair services are important for the life and performance of your tires. It aids in proper tread wear, helps extend the service life of your tire, and also helps ensure that your tires brake and handle safely and effectively on the road. Driving on a flat tire will make the situation worse, and it is incredibly dangerous. Continuing to drive on a damaged tire can cause the puncture to expand to the rim and damage the sidewall, which may lead to a total blowout.

When Are Tires Impossible to Repair:

Not all tires can be repaired. Some are beyond repair and will require tire replacement. Some tires have special repair limits, while others may suffer unrepairable damages. When evaluating if a tire can be repaired, let us help you confirm the type, size, and location of the damage.

  • Punctures greater than ¼ inch or 6mm are not prohibited
  • Repairs can never overlap
  • Patching, by itself, is not a suitable repair
  • Puncture located outside the thread area and in the sidewall cannot be repaired

Northside Tire Offers Quick Quality Tire Repair Service

For a punctured tire, our staff will patch, plug, or seal the damaged area to industry standards. Tire repair service helps to keep you safe on the road and can save you money in the long run. Call us today to schedule a thorough and speedy tire repair to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. We are your number one source for quality tire repair.