Engine Repair

Your engine is a complex machine that converts heat from burning gas, into the force that powers your wheels and make them turn. The car engine is the most crucial and valuable part of the car, so it is essential to keep it properly maintained.  It is made of cylinders which comprise pistons that move up and down repetitively to keep the engine functioning properly. The amount of power your engine produces is determined by the number of cylinders it operates with.

Get Professional Engine Services

Without an effective engine, your vehicle is basically useless, and your vehicle will not be able to perform. Northside Tire offers high-quality auto repair services and engine repair that can be quickly performed at very affordable prices.

Signs of Engine Issues

Regular engine maintenance is necessary to keep your engine working effectively. Due to the crucial role your engine plays in powering your vehicle, engine repair needs will often manifest themselves. Here are some signs to look for to determine if your engine may need repair.

  • Starting trouble
  • Overheating
  • Smoke or steam
  • Poor mileage
  • Idling and stalling
  • Flashing check engine light

How to Keep Your Engine Working Effectively?

Properly caring for your engine by performing engine repairs and maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs or replacement down the road. Your engine needs to be checked regularly, analyzed frequently, and given maintenance and nourishment to keep it running. Here are some car engine maintenance tips:

  • Get regular engine tune-ups
  • Change oil regularly
  • Replace filters
  • Avoid engine overheating
  • Do not ignore your warning lights (check engine, Oil)